Find family friendly activities near you!

what to do

Check out the parks

There are a lot of parks for you and your family to visit!


Lots of Movie Theatres

There are a lot of nice theatres for you and your family to visit!


There's a lot of cool museums

Visit some of the most interesting Museums out there!


There are a lot of yummy restaurants!

Have a wonderful dinner out with your family!


Halloween is here

Here's some cool and spooky activities!

Halloween 4 Kids

“ Our hope is that will become a resource for Sacramento area 
families who are looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy family time.”

Johanna Carrey

“This is an epic and family friendly place!” Susie Doe

Paul Braddy

“This is such a fun place to hang out! There's a bunch of fun activities! 10/10 would live here.” Giacomo Giorgi

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